Jason Hopkins is a passionate, goal-orientated creative lead, always on the look-out for stimulating, major challenge - Working for companies in and around London, UK. Based in Reading Berkshire

Branding, Logo Creation and much more...

Crunchers – More than Accounts & Bookkeeping Services

Crunchers Creative Director Logo, Branding, Advertising, Illustration, Website

Website and App UI & UX Designs

AIMIA and the next generation Loyalty Program

AIMIA Direction Interface Design and UX for Responsive Website and App

Advertising and Art Direction

Fray Bentos 'Couldn't be arsed' campaign

Fray Bentos Art Direction for their Integrated Advertising Campaign

Branding, Website Designs and more...

Liquavista dramatically improve the lives of your consumers

Liquavista Branding, Adverts, Corporate Communications, Consultant Creative Direction

A creative lead, but also a designer at heart

Passionate, goal-orientated creative lead, who is fanatical about making a serious contribution to the industry, learning more about the digital world and its users, solving problems and making things better through purposeful design.

A focused and solutions-driven lead, with the knowledge and experience to support different ‘creative types’, understanding that people have varied ways of generating ideas and creating work. He uses diverse approaches to get the best work out of a team. Crafting and amending his processes until he's got what resembles an assembly line of fantastic creative solutions being pumped out by his team of designers.

Creative thinker at heart, obsessed with improved experiences and pixel perfect design, typography and layout. Bringing together a strong creative strategy, a user centred approach and a passion for high quality solutions.

Creative Director, Head of Design

Creative Direction

Collaborating with visual & interaction designers, user experience architects and copywriters, to create and execute exceptional ideas

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Art Director / Art Direction

Art Direction

Creating an instant and positive impact on the consumer, in order to successfully promote a company's products, services or brand

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UI Designer

Visual Design Lead

UI Design isn’t just about visual style: it can change the success of a website, app, product and how the users see it

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(UX) User Experience Architect

UX Lead

Enhancing user satisfaction, improving the usability, accessibility and pleasure. Increasing conversion rates and customer loyalty

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About Jason Hopkins

Spirited, success-oriented design lead, always on the look-out for stimulating major challenge.

Focused and solutions-driven, with the design knowledge and experience to support different ‘creative types’.

Design Lead based in London and Reading Berkshire, UK